Our Story

Jan Bondesio Snr

MJ Wapens was founded in 1996 by Jan Bondesio (Snr), Martin Jooste and Floppie Bondesio. In 1997 Jan Bondesio (Jnr) and Martin Jooste started with their gunsmith apprentice at MJ Wapens under Jan Bondesio (Snr). Martin Jooste sadly passed in 1999. Jan Bondesio (Jnr) continued his trade as Gunsmith and completed this in the year 2000.

From 2000-2010 Jan Bondesio (Snr) and Jan Bondesio (Jnr) with the help of Floppie Bondesio ran the business in Naboomspruit as a family. Jan Bondesio (Snr) passed away in Aug 2010, where Jan Bondesio (Jnr) stepped up to take over the business from his father and is still going strong to this day.

MJ Wapens, still owned by Jan Bondesio (Jnr) kept to the family tradition. He now runs MJ Wapens with his wife Tanya Bondesio and 21 years later it is still all about the love for firearms and nature.

Using indigenous wood for the stocks started with Jan Bondesio (Snr) in 1991, and we are proud to say that we to this day still specialize in the making of custom rifle stocks from indigenous wood types.